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Uhuru Mychanganyiko School for the Disabled

School Profile

Uhuru Mychanganyiko School for the Disabled

Type:  Primary School serving Disabled Students
Location:  Ilala School District – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Number of Students:  1,200
Specialty Population:  ~60 blind; ~60 deaf


In Tanzania, to ensure that children with disabilities have access to teachers who are trained in education techniques for disabled students, children with disabilities are segregated, rather than included in traditional primary schools.  RAWLI established a relationship with the Uluru Mychanganyiko Primary School to support these students.  The school works to provide career opportunities for students and helps them learn to accommodate their disabiilities.  Blind and deaf students live onsite at the school in dorms.


Picking up braille language materials from the Braille Institute in Los Angeles
Student learning to write with braille slate donated by RAWLI

Teachers at the Uhuru school requested assistance with additional books, braille writing slates, and items to strengthen hands, such as exercise balls.  RAWLI will be leading an on-site service learning project at the 2017 National Service Learning Conference in Los Angeles in March 2017 where students will have the opportunity to make modeling clay which will be donated to schools for blind children in the Los Angeles area and also sent to the students at Uhuru.

Success Metrics:

  • RAWLI has donated braille books, magazines and educational teaching materials to the school’s library for the blind.