Twenty Teachers Attend Technology Training

Twenty teachers from Ilala School District attended professional development classes in technology to enhance the role of informational technology in student learning and achievement.  Funded by a grant from Reading Around the World Literacy Initiative (RAWLI), the technology training will provide support to increase proficiency in technology for teachers as schools in Ilala School District introduce a Digital Age Learning Environment to students. 

“This grant provided our teachers with the knowledge and skill to better equip students for success in a digital age” said Maria Shayo, Headmistress for Gerezani Primary School.  “For students to be successful into today’s society where information technology literacy is critical, teachers also need to master technology skills. Improving the technology literacy of our teachers helps them to better teach students and increase achievement as we incorporate ICT into the classroom.  Our goal is for teachers to become technologically literate and learn to use technology tools to help students achieve their academic potential. ”

The training lasted six days and provided formal training in several key areas, including email systems, Microsoft office products, internet usage, digital imagery and network usage.