With the generous assistance of Overpass Apps Ltd., RAWLI released an app to help Swahili speaking students learn English.  The entertaining educational game, is free of charge and is available in both Apple and Android versions at the Google Play store and iTunes store.

“We are excited to launch this educational app to a worldwide marketplace,” said Carissa Mallory, Founder of RAWLI. “This will help teach English language to the Swahili speaker in the digital age.”

The Bubble Bath of Knowledge is arranged into 12 categories based on topics. Each category contains 10 words and phrases frequently spoken by native Swahili speakers.

Students learning English with Swahili Bubble Bath app

The vocabulary words are broken down into several categories such as:

  • Numbers
  • Animals
  • Body Parts
  • Colors
  • Sizes
  • Travel
  • Time
  • Food
  • Useful Phrases


Thank you!

We wish to express great gratitude to the app developer, Overpass Apps Ltd.