Public School Support

Reading Around the World has established relationships with the Ilala School District in Dar es Salaam, and works collaboratively with education administrators to improve the English literacy and technology literacy programs established by Tanzania’s Ministry of Education.  This partnership contributes greatly to the education of the children, helping primary school students obtain the skills needed to succeed in secondary school and beyond.  RAWLI supports two campuses in the Ilala School District on an ongoing basis, funding a highly qualified teacher for English and technology classes for more than 1,600 students.  RAWLI has also funded library construction, internet access and infrastructure improvements as well as providing educational resources such as desks, chairs and school supplies.

Teacher training is an important aspect of our support, as continuing education for teachers is needed especially in the area of technology skills.  RAWLI provides teacher workshops, introducing teachers to technology tools and strategies for introducing technology into the classroom and curriculum.

RAWLI hosts a summer technology camp, bringing together local and international experts in science, technology, engineering, arts and math.  This program is enjoyed by students, who love learning with innovative methods.  During this camp, teachers who participate are trained to be trainers for other teachers in the school district.  This allows cost-effective spreading of knowledge throughout the region, especially in the remote and rural areas.  RAWLI is honored to be working in partnership with the Ilala School District to provide educational services, helping to end the cycle of poverty in Tanzania.