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Reading Around the World offers educational support to nearly 3,000 children and youth in Tanzania, promoting the participation of parents, community partners, teachers and school district officials who work collaboratively to enhance the educational environment at the schools we work with.

Our programs focus in three areas:  We promote English language literacy, a driving factor in secondary school success, by helping schools build libraries.  We work with schools to introduce technology tools into the curriculum, and we also help impoverished families and schools obtain educational materials and school supplies.  

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English Language Literacy



English Language Literacy

Our English Language Literacy program helps primary school students learn English, an important skill needed for success at the secondary school level and beyond.  Students work with English language children’s literature available in school libraries, with technology teaching tools including digital projectors which help put pictures with words, and with app-based technology on both Apple OS and android tablets.

These teaching tools are aligned with the curriculum approved by the Tanzania Ministry of Education, and designed to supplement Swahili language textbooks.

Technology Literacy

Our technology literacy program introduces primary school students to modern technology tools, including phones, tablets, computers and other technology devices as well as key terms necessary to raise up a generation of Tanzanian students who will be comfortable and competent in a digital world.

There are two categories of individuals today.  Those who have grown up with technology and understand its use, and those who have not.  Tanzanians lack access to digital devices (the “digital divide”) but more than access, literacy is required for students to compete in the global marketplace.  Merely providing access to technology devices to schools is not sufficient to ensure that students and teachers understand how to use the technology and how to integrate this technology into the school curriculum.

Reading Around the World hosts a summer technology camp.  We bring educational resources which we leave with schools, and we also partner with local technology experts who will support the schools throughout the school year.  We support English and technology classes for students at two schools for the 2018-19 school year, improving the lives of more than 1,600 students, their families and community.

Educational Resources

Reading Around the World helps primary schools obtain educational materials.  Among these initiatives, we have:

  • provided more than 350 desks and chairs for students to meet Tanzania’s growing student population
  • installed electricity
  • installed internet access
  • provided classroom organization materials
  • provided rugs and mats
  • provided teacher training materials
  • provided school supplies for students