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Reading Around the World

Msimbazi Centre

You helped us plant a seed for a future library at Msimbazi Centre

As we sorted the books donated to us, we saw that some were bibles and bible stories.  We happily brought these wonderful resources and stories to the Msimbazi Centre, a Christian center that includes a school, orphanage, and hostel.  They have a small bookstore there, but they don’t yet have a library.  They were very grateful for your donations and it was a joy to deliver them and see the smiles on their faces!   We hope that the seed we planted will soon grow into a library.

Some of the super nice staff at Msimbazi Centre



While we were there we got to cuddle and play with the orphans.  It’s sad to think that some of these amazing children had been found abandoned by their mothers in the streets of Dar es Salaam.  The Msimbazi Centre rescued them from the streets and takes care of them.