We envision a world filled with joyful people inspired, educated and equipped to make a positive contribution to the world.  We advance this dream by helping students living in poverty get a great education.  


Reading Around the World is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization promoting global literacy, gender equality and compassion.   RAWLI was established in 2013 by Carissa Mallory, an Austin TX high school student when she learned from her native Tanzanian aunt about the education crisis in her country, which has extremely high drop out rates between primary school and secondary school.  Determined to do something to help, Carissa and her friend Sara, armed with two suitcases of books and two iPad minis, travelled to the Gerezani Primary School (GPS) in Dar es Salaam with family to build the school’s first library, fulfilling a dream of the GPS Headmistress and teachers.

Reading Around the World has connected with the Ilala School District in Dar es Salaam where we collaborate with administrators and teachers to promote the goals of the Tanzanian Ministry of Education.  RAWLI has built a library for the school district, improved facilities, supplied schools desks and chairs for students, desks for teacher lounges, donated thousands of books, installed internet access and donated computers and tablets to promote a digital age learning environment.  With help from the Braille Institute, RAWLI has donated braille language books, magazines and writing slates for blind students.  With the generous assistance of Overpass UK, we introduced Swahili to English Bubble Bath, a first-of-a-kind app-based educational game to help teach English to Swahili speaking primary school students.

Encouraged by news that English scores rose from a 2.0 to a 2.99 after our first library was built, RAWLI is inspired to do more!  Our experience in Tanzania taught us that through understanding, compassion and hard work we can build cross-cultural bridges to improve education across the globe.  Working directly with the Tanzanian headmasters we are able to identify challenges specific to each school, prioritize solutions, bring resources and track results.


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