Our first app is coming soon!

RAWLI is super excited to be working with Overpass Ltd. UK to develop an app to help Swahili speaking primary school students learn English.   Our app is being developed by Eric Wroolie and will be based on his popular “bubble bath” series which helps English speaking students learn foreign languages.  Now we wonder…will the students in Tanzania learn to speak English with a British accent?  <insert ahhhh here>

While our app is being programmed, the teachers in Tanzania are using the Swahili Bubble Bath app to help improve the student’s English fluency.

The schools are in need of additional tablets to reach our goal of a 1:1 ratio – 1 tablet per student.  Currently the students share tablets at a 4:1 ratio (4 students per device on average.)


Students at GPS using the bubble bath app

2005-04-17 06.33.52

The tablets are such a fun way to learn!