• Technology Teacher

      Karakata Primary School is outfitted with 30 Amazon Fire 8 tablets, allowing up to 60 students in a classroom to receive technology lessons. Our technology teacher, Mr. Issa works 5 days a week with the students to help them learn ICT skills and English as a second language. The students love Mr. Issa and we're thrilled to have him working with us!
      $427.00 donated of $4,000.00 goal
    • Floor repair for Karakata Library

      The subfloor at Karakata Primary School is pitted from rain damage and needs repair before the new flooring can be permanently installed.
      $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
    • Container Shipment to Umoja Primary

      We are awed and SO thankful to Barnes & Noble and our amazing community for another successful holiday book drive! We now have thousands of brand new books waiting to be delivered to Tanzania so we can build our next library. Our hearts are full of joy, and we can hardly wait to get these resources into the hands of teachers and children in Tanzania. We need your help to get these books delivered to the school! We have BIG plans and hope to send another forty foot container so we can include much needed items like construction materials, bookshelves and library furnishings, rugs, chairs, classroom decorations, technology and school supplies. We are seeking in-kind donations for freight and referrals are welcome. We also need cash donations to cover the remaining expenses of import duties, taxes and brokerage fees.
      $0.00 donated of $10,000.00 goal