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New Hope Ed Center

School Profile:

New Hope Education Center 

Type:  Primary School
Location:  Tengeru Village (Arusha area), Tanzania
Number of Students:  100
Specialty Population:  appx 60 AIDS orphans and street children

New Hope Education Center, in the village of Tengeru, is located near Arusha, in the northern Tanzania near the Kenyan border.  New Hope has approximately 100 students, many of whom are orphans of parents who died from HIV/AIDS, which is a widespread problem for Tanzanians.  New Hope was built in 2015 with the assistance of international donors. In 2016, Tanzania began a school desk initiative, with a goal to ensure that every student at every school had a desk and chair.  RAWLI was asked to help provide desks and chairs for the New Hope students who were sitting on dirt floors in classrooms with little more than a chalkboard and chalk for teaching tools.  RAWLI began a search of school districts in the Austin area, and located 350 desks and chairs at Liberty Hill ISD.  When the old Liberty Hill Elementary school site was abandoned and a new school was built, the old desks were no longer needed. We recycled and saved desks from Texas landfills, giving them new life serving the children Tanzania.

Typical classroom at New Hope Education Center
Students all share one desk in this classroom



Preparing desks for shipment


Loading the shipping container


Success Metrics:

  • 100 desks and chairs delivered
Desks delivered to New Hope Ed Center (2016)
Carissa Mallory with students from New Hope Ed Center (2016)