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Maktaba Primary School


School Profile:

Maktaba Primary School

Type:  Primary School
Location:  Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Number of Students:  700

Maktaba is the Swahili word for library.  The Maktaba Primary School library had a very nice selection of children’s picture books in the Swahili language, but only one small bookshelf of English books to serve 700 students.   With the arrival of our container of books last summer, Makataba will have access to an increased variety of English language reading materials for students.

Success Metrics:

  • The libraries at Maktaba Primary School and Gerezani Primary School are now able to share resources.  Swahili language children’s books from Maktaba are available for teachers at Gerezani Primary School to borrow, and English language children’s books from the Gerezani school are available for teachers at Maktaba school to borrow.
  • Maktaba Primary School library contains several bookshelves of math and science textbooks received as part of a donation of 2.5 million books in Spring 2015 by the United States Embassy in response to advocacy efforts in June 2014 to raise awareness of the need for additional educational resources.
Maktaba Primary School Library
The bookshelf to the left are the only English books at Maktaba. They wish they could fill this bookcase.
Maktaba has one computer for the entire school and no internet access yet. We hope to change this soon.
Maktaba has lots of giant picture books in Swahili, like this one called “The Miracle.”

While we were at Maktaba, we spotted some of the textbooks from the United States.  Just because they might be old to us, doesn’t mean they aren’t useful to someone.

Math and Science books donated by the United States Embassy as part of a 2.5 million book donation made in 2015