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Llama, Llama Author’s Legacy and Final Request


We are saddellama llamaned to hear that last Saturday, September 3rd, a beloved children’s author passed away.  Anna Dewdney, author of the Llama, Llama series of read-aloud children’s picture books lost her 15-month battle with brain cancer.    

We had the fun of spending some time in the U.K. this summer and thought of Anna as we stopped to visit a Llama Park, happy that our container headed to Tanzania had some of her stories that would soon delight children in Africa.

The Washington Post reports that although Anna had a dream of writing children’s books, she worked a variety of odd jobs to support herself while waiting for publishers to finally agree to publish her stories.  She was 40 by the time she finally got her breakthrough!  Her life reminds us to dare to dream, and to keep pursuing your dreams even if you don’t succeed the first time.  Her books finally got published and became wildly successful, selling millions of copies!

Publisher’s Weekly reports that instead of a funeral service, she asked people read to a child.  What a wonderful legacy Anna leaves for future generations!