School Profile:

Kinyerezi Primary School

Type:  Primary School
Location:  Ilala School District – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Number of Students:  300

In 2016, the Tanzanian government announced a new initiative bringing sweeping changes to Tanzanian education policy – free secondary school for all students who can pass the entrance exams.  Prior to this, families had to pay for their child to attend secondary school, one reason for the large drop out rate between primary and secondary school.  The new policy resulted in a flood of new students coming into the Tanzanian school system, and a shortage of desks.

According to an article on All Africa, the Prime Minister, Mr Kassim Majaliwa, said for primary schools, 1,896,584 pupils were enrolled for Standard One in January this year, which is a 36.7 increase compared to those registered in 2015.

“The free education policy has been a blessing to many families.  But the schools have found themselves with infrastructural challenges, including classrooms and desks.” – Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa

Success Metrics:

RAWLI was able to help the government meet the need for classroom desks and shipped a 40′ container with 350 desks and chairs, over 10,000 books and other educational supplies.  The desks and chairs were donated to the Ilala School District for the Education Officer to distribute to schools as best suited to meet their goals. One of the schools receiving desks was Kinyerezi Primary School, where the students and teachers were very happy to have desks and chairs so students don’t have to sit on the floor.