To date, RAWLI youth volunteers have collected over 13,000 books, supplied 350 desks and chairs in support of the Tanzanian Ministry of Education’s school desk initiative, built a library and technology center and in partnership with Overpass Apps Ltd. developed an educational game to help Swahili speaking primary school students learn English.


The GPA for English at Gerezani Primary School rose from a 2.0 to a 2.99 in two years.  A Tanzanian newspaper recently ran an article about the amazing progress, with the headline “A school without a chance is doing miracles!”


Tanzanian newspaper article about Gerezani school. The headline says “Gerezani school without a chance is doing miracles.”


Download the Swahili to English Bubble Bath game:

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Learning new apps

Students learning English with the Swahili Bubble Bath app


Readers at Gerezani

Readers at Gerezani after initial visit in 2014. The library started with just 2 suitcases of books, but the kids were grateful to have them.


Vandegrift high school volunteers sorting books


Youth Advisory Council members raising awareness at the 2016 National Service Learning Conference

In Summer 2014, during a tour of the Gerezani Primary School in Dar es Salaam, the teachers opened a door to an abandoned room that they someday hoped would be a library.  Carissa Mallory and her friend Sara Campbell left 2 suitcases of books and 2 iPad minis they had brought, promising to return later and build a library for the school.  When Carissa and Sara returned to the United States, with the help of their friends, they ran book drives at nearby elementary school book fairs and asked neighbors for donations of books.  Carissa returned the following summer and completed the library at Gerezani Primary School.

Gerezani School – Before Library Construction in 2014

Green School Library in 2017. Bookshelves and rugs from Leander ISD, desks and chairs from Liberty Hill ISD, books donated by Leander ISD library book drives and the Steiner Ranch community, and from Katy ISD library surplus. Thanks to EVERYONE who helped make this happen!