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Gerezani Primary School

School Profile:

Gerezani Primary School

Type:  Primary School
Location:  Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Number of Students:  400

Reading Around the World’s first library was built at the Gerezani Primary School in Dar es Salaam when Carissa Mallory and Sara Campbell visited the school in 2014.  They had brought 2 suitcases of books and 2 iPad minis to donate for the students.  But the school had no library!  The headmistress shared the teacher’s dream that an abandoned room would someday be a library.  Cara and Sara cancelled the rest of their vacation plans and began work to fulfill that dream.  By the end of the week, they had built and painted bookshelves, bought rugs and library decorations, installed electricity, and installed an internet router, promising to return with a lot more books.


Sara Campbell (L) and Carissa Mallory (R) with students from Gerezani Primary School

They came back to Austin, TX and began organizing book drives at Leander ISD elementary schools, and collected books from their neighborhood and from other school districts in Texas.  Today the GPS library is used by 400 students to help them learn English, a critically important skill as students in Tanzania must learn English fluently in order to attend secondary school.

The library has become an oasis of learning and joy
To help students learn proper pronunciation, the library includes cassette players with books on tape.

Success Metrics:

As a result of building the library and introducing GPS students to the joy of reading, English proficiency test scores at GPS rose nearly a full grade point, from 2.0 to 2.99.  The success of the library has inspired RAWLI volunteers to do more.  With your help, RAWLI plans to build an additional 5 libraries in the summer of 2016.


Ready to Surf!
We loaded the iPad minis with apps to help kids learn phonics and pronunciation.