Carissa Mallory teaches students about iPad apps

Most primary schools in Tanzania lack funds to provide access to computers for students or teachers.  This technology gap is called TheDigital Divide.  Without access to technology, Africa cannot develop to compete in a global marketplace.  The internet is filled with educational resources that can help teachers better educate students, and can help students develop the technology skills essential to become competent employees for careers in which computers are needed.  Providing schools with computers and access to the internet will level the playing field for Tanzanian children, and help raise the country out of poverty.

An ongoing goal for RAWLI is to finish the computer lab at the Gerezani Primary School, to provide 26 technology devices.  This will allow GPS to teach Information Computer and Technology (ICT) classes with no more than two students having to share a device.  The computer lab was started in 2014 with a donation of two iPad minis and an internet connection.  Teacher use the iPads to research lesson plans and also improve their own technology skills.   Some of the teachers created posters for the science lessons, copying anatomy diagrams, as an example.

Gerezani students love learning with technology

In 2015, RAWLI was able to donate an additional iPad to Gerezani’s computer lab, bringing the total number of devices to three.

Students are curious to learn


Technology lesson

In 2016, RAWLI donated a desktop computer, an IBM laptop, a Macbook, and 8 additional android tablets.  The computer lab finally has enough devices that students can now begin ICT studies, although there are still many students for each device, so teaching remains a challenge.


Success Metrics:

The Headmistress has reported that the teachers and students love having technology at their school.  Not only are the students learning, but the students have a keen interest in learning technology, so this has an added benefit of increasing student attendance rates and improving teacher morale at the campus.


1. Acquire an additional 11 technology devices.

2. Continue to train teachers in how to integrate technology into the classroom.

3. Provide ongoing internet connectivity for the school.