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Reading Around the World

Our Programs

RAWLI builds libraries and digital classrooms in Tanzania, providing students with access to english language resources to allow them to succeed in a global economy and culture.   We recycle children books, giving them new life in the hands of children who have no books at all.  We also equip our libraries with internet connectivity, providing access to students and teachers alike to the wonders of the global community and educational resources available to the world.   We provide iPads loaded with digital books and educational apps that allow students and teachers to hear proper pronunciation of vowel sounds, practice sight words and improve reading skills.



Our first library, at the Gerezani Primary School, has proven successful, with English language proficiency scores rising nearly a full grade point, from 2.0 to 2.99!  We are excited and inspired by this success and have plans to expand our programs to an additional 5 schools in Tanzania in 2016.

Our Schools

Gerezani Primary School, serving 400 students, where we built our first library and technology center.  In the year following the opening of the library, English language proficiency scores at GPS have risen from 2.0 to 2.99.  This has inspired us to want to expand the program at GPS further.  In Summer 2016, we plan to bring additional books, furnishings, laptops and tablets to the GPS school.  If you are inspired by the success as we are, our Wish List has a list of items the school has requested.

Uhuru Mchanganyiko Primary School for Blind and Disabled, serving 1,200 students with approximately 60 blind and 60 deaf children, where we partnered with the Braille Institute to donate braille language books, magazines and writing slates.

Msimbazi Centre, an orphanage and school we visited in 2015 to donate books, and where we hope to return to build a library in summer 2016.