U.S. Donates 2.5 Million Science Textbooks to Tanzania

In July 2014, we met with Education officials at the United States Embassy in Dar es Salaam to explain the need for additional English language books for Tanzanian school children and share our vision of building libraries and technology centers.  We are super encouraged to hear that it didn’t take long for the books to arrive and  in February 2.5 MILLION (!!) science textbooks have now been delivered by the United States for Tanzanian secondary school students.  President Obama also understands that Tanzanian students need books to learn.  He asked for help getting more books for Tanzanian school children during his visit to the country in 2013.

Way to go, USA!!!  Study hard Tanzania!

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A gift from the Braille Institute

My friend Julia Hu and I visited Los Angeles the summer we graduated middle school.  We were driving down the street when we saw a sign for The Braille Institute.  My aunt, who is a native of Tanzania, told me about a school for blind and disabled children.  Knowing that someday I would convince my parents to take me there to help improve the quality of life for the children in Tanzania, we stopped to see if we could learn something about what blind children might need to help them get a better education.

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