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Twenty Teachers Attend Technology Training Classes

This week, twenty teachers from Gerezani Primary School are attending professional development classes in technology to enhance the role of informational technology in student learning and achievement.  Funded by a grant from Reading Around the World Literacy Initiative (RAWLI),… Read More

ESL App Helps Swahili Speakers Learn English

Reading Around the World Literacy Initiative (RAWLI) is pleased to announce the launch of  Swahili to English Bubble Bath, an educational game to assist Swahili speaking children in learning English. The app, a collaboration with Overpass Ltd. of… Read More

Leading World Change Through Education

Gerezani Primary School has its first internet connection!  With the help of Seva Shayo, a university student studying technology, Reading Around the World installed the first-ever internet connection at the Gerezani Primary School in Dar es Salaam, helping… Read More