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Reading Around the World

June 2016

Join us in Africa!

RAWLI volunteers will be traveling to Tanzania in June 2016 to build more libraries!  Thanks to our volunteers who collected over 12,000 books during 2015 and to our sponsors who help us deliver our programs.


If you would like to join us and help build a library, we’d love to coordinate our travel plans with yours and work together to make the dreams of educators and students in Tanzania come true.  Contact us at info@rawli.org for more details.

Shout Out to Grandview Hills Elementary

THANK YOU Grandview Hills Elementary, for the books you donated to help the Gerezani Prmary School in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  Your team collected over 200 books to help the students in Africa learn English.  Y’all ROCK!  And also a shout out to the parents who decorated your school for the book fair.  What a fun event to be a part of!

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Tanzania Eliminates Secondary School Fees

In encouraging news, the Tanzanian government has announced that it is eliminated fees to attend secondary schools.  We are very excited about this news!  Tanzania currently experiences a 60% drop out rate between primary school and secondary school.  There are two primary driving factors – the expense of secondary school and the transition to English language instruction.  It is now more important than ever that we get children’s language resources in the hands of primary school children because they have more opportunity than ever before to continue their education.  Way to go Tanzania!   Click the link below to learn more.

Tanzania abolishes secondary school fees. But does anything come for free?

Visiting SxSW EDU

Exploring the educational resources at the SxSW Edu Expo and ran into my friend Linnea from Latin class.  Linnea is presenting her science fair display about black holes.  Such a small world!  Contrats to Linnea.  I hope she does well at State.



Building our First Library

While visiting the Gerezani Primary School, a door of opportunity was set before us.  It was a creaky old door, with peeling paint that led to a room filled with what looked like decades of dust.  “Someday, the teachers dream that this room will be a library” the Headmistress told us. Read More

A Good Education For Every Child

Gerezani Primary School has its first internet connection!  With the help of Seva Shayo, a university student studying technology, Reading Around the World installed the first-ever internet connection at the Gerezani Primary School in Dar es Salaam, helping the school implement a Digital Age Learning Environment (DALE).  The router is capable of handling 14 internet connections and currently serves 3 iPads with educational apps used by the teachers to help improve English phonics, pronunciation, and reading ability.  As a result of the library and technological resources donated by generous supporters like you, the 400 students at GPS are improving their English skills.  English language proficiency scores have risen from 2.0 to 2.99. The increased English fluency will give these students a better chance to pass the entrance exams to go to secondary school.

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Thank you Keds for Our First Grant!

Oh my gohh, we just got our first ever grant!  We are so honored and grateful to KEDS for their help in supporting our dreams to bring books and technology to Tanzanian school children.  From our hearts to yours….THANK YOU KEDS!




Cups N Cones Poster Party

Thanks to Cups N Cones for hosting Reading Around the World’s poster making party today.  My friends and I had a lot of fun making posters for the Leander book fairs!  It feels amazing to get this organization going.  Also special thanks to Mr. Rudy, the Storyteller for Cups N Cones for offering to donate some children’s books from his collection.  Y’all are awesome!



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U.S. Donates 2.5 Million Science Textbooks to Tanzania

In July 2014, we met with Education officials at the United States Embassy in Dar es Salaam to explain the need for additional English language books for Tanzanian school children and share our vision of building libraries and technology centers.  We are super encouraged to hear that it didn’t take long for the books to arrive and  in February 2.5 MILLION (!!) science textbooks have now been delivered by the United States for Tanzanian secondary school students.  President Obama also understands that Tanzanian students need books to learn.  He asked for help getting more books for Tanzanian school children during his visit to the country in 2013.

Way to go, USA!!!  Study hard Tanzania!
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A gift from the Braille Institute

My friend Julia Hu and I visited Los Angeles the summer we graduated middle school.  We were driving down the street when we saw a sign for The Braille Institute.  My aunt, who is a native of Tanzania, told me about a school for blind and disabled children.  Knowing that someday I would convince my parents to take me there to help improve the quality of life for the children in Tanzania, we stopped to see if we could learn something about what blind children might need to help them get a better education.

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