A gift from the Braille Institute

My friend Julia Hu and I visited Los Angeles the summer we graduated middle school.  We were driving down the street when we saw a sign for The Braille Institute.  My aunt, who is a native of Tanzania, told me about a school for blind and disabled children.  Knowing that someday I would convince my parents to take me there to help improve the quality of life for the children in Tanzania, we stopped to see if we could learn something about what blind children might need to help them get a better education.

The staff at The Braille Institute were very kind and encouraging.  They gave us a tour of their library and we visited their store where we purchased some children’s board books and a braille writing slate.  They donated some braille magazines, school supplies and special paper for the braille writing slate to take to the students in Tanzania.  There is a boy at the Uhuru Mychanganyiko School for the Blind and Disabled who loves to write so much.  The school only has one braille writing slate for everyone to share, so it will be nice to have another so this little boy can continue to write to his heart’s content.  Someday he might become a famous author!  It will be nice for the school to have another writing slate.  Thank you, Braille Institute for your support of the children in Tanzania.