In Tanzania, as with most of Africa, technology is still vastly underutilized.   In contrast to developed nations which have harnessed the power of technology to improve the quality of life, Africa lags behind in adopting technology and the inefficiencies contribute to a cycle of poverty.   With only about 9 percent of homes having access to computers, Tanzania is one of the least technologically literate countries in the world.  Bridging the Digital Divide to help Tanzania become technologically literate will significantly improve the quality of life and help end the cycle of poverty.

With the expansion of our tech lab at GPS this summer, we had the joy of bringing lots of new technology to the school!  Little by little we’re getting closer to our goal of having a 1:1 technology center where every student is able to have their very own device!   This will allow GPS to become a model school for the community for integrating technology into the classroom.  For now, the students enjoy working together to share access to the laptops and tablets which have some fun apps to help them learn.